Torpedo Bag Loredo for Trumpet

The legendary Torpedo Bags are now available at Just for Brass! We recommend them for any student or professional who wants the world’s best protection for carrying one trumpet. This Loredo bag has the same basic design as the Classic bag, except it's made with thick Loredo leather.

Torpedo Bags are protective, with up to 3 inches of foam on all sides of your trumpet and a nearly indestructible design. They are durable, featuring huge #10 YKK main zippers, industry-leading ITW Nexus clips and metal hardware. They are designed to carry one trumpet, any and all needed mutes and mouthpieces in an added lid pocket.

These bags include a two-inch-wide naked shoulder strap and a removable lid pocket for mouthpieces, valve oil, etc. There are no backpack straps available for this case. The sheet music and mute pouches are not included.

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Weight: 12 lb

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