Messina Triple Trumpet Case- Black

"At MessinaCovers, we make high-quality, durable, lightweight covers for all sorts of equipment. We use only the best American-made materials available.

We make musical instrument covers including cases for double bass, trumpet, tuba, timpani, drums, and more. 

We also make padded and non-padded single and double bags for bicycle wheels, padded custom fitting laptop cases, beautiful grocery bags made from scrap, and just about anything custom you need! If you think of something not listed here please talk to us about it and we'll figure out how to make it for you.

Custom Embroidery available.

Skeptical? Worried? Many people are because they've been duped by false promises. You can't offer the best if you're not using the best materials. At Messina Covers we use DUPONT brand Cordura, which is 1000 denier material that you won't wear out. We have customers who have had their bass bags for over 13 years and still look like new." - Messina Covers

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Weight: 4.5 lb

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