"Know Before You Blow" Modes for Group Ensemble

“Know Before You Blow - Jazz Modes” teaches why, when, what and how to incorporate Modes into your jazz skill set. The method is simple, thanks to the authors Chris Tedesco, Laura De Cosmo & Emile De Cosmo, and with the proper guidance provided by some the finest studio musicians in Los Angeles. As stated previously, there may be no shortcuts, but through trial & error, by maintaining a disciplined practice schedule, by studying great jazz players & working with “Know Before You Blow”,there is a means to an end.

Santorella's “Know Before You Blow” series is the break-through approach to improvisation that has been missing and is now offered to all aspiring jazz musicians as an essential resource for improving their ability to improvise or simply put, play jazz. All seven modes are clearly defined, explained & notated on the text page which precedes each exercise. These text pages display a diagram of each mode & the compatible chords that “work” for that particular mode.

Santorella's “Know Before You Blow” is written in accommodating keys for Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trombone and also available in a Conductor's Edition which contains a complete score and recording of all six horns playing together. This is a phenomenal tool for every music educator for any ensemble at any level.

Imagine no more guess work to determine which mode works & why or what to play & when? This “Jazz Modes” edition teaches what, why & when to use a certain mode. This is the basis or “Heart & Soul”concept of “Know Before You Blow”. So, “Now's The Time” to break out your horn and have some fun!

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