Hercules Brass Mute Holder

The Hercules HA100 brass mute holder holds most cornet, trumpet, trombone and French horn mutes on a music stand. The specially formulated foam covering on the rings is designed to eliminate noise. 270 degrees of ring swivel helps to provide your ideal set up. The holder is designed to easily attach to most music and microphone stands with a shaft diameter of 8-30mm (0.31”-1.18”).


  • Ring Diameters (4 total): 74mm (2.92”) x 1, 63mm (2.48”) x 2, 47.5mm (1.87”) x 1
  • Detachable accessory tray included
  • Load capacity: 5 kg (11 lbs)
  • Folded size: 100 x 250mm (3.9 x 9.8”)
SKU: 635464466590
Weight: 1.6 lb

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