Flow Studies for BB-flat Tuba, 2nd Edition

Flow Studies for Tuba (BB-flat), second edition by David Vining, edited by Justin Benavidez, is appropriate for high school through professional tuba players. Flow Studies is designed to help you develop air flow efficiency by playing musical phrases in a wide array of ranges, keys, and rhythms. As you negotiate the variety of musical challenges, you will learn to use your air to create the phrasing and sound you want. These studies offer significant technical challenges and opportunities to reinforce your mastery of unusual keys and rhythms. The etudes are presented in a daily format with eight etudes per day, for a total of 56 etudes. Flow Studies offers a musical way to cultivate the important technical skill of breath control, and musical incentives are always more compelling to musicians than technical ones!

This edition replaces the first edition of Flow Studies for Tuba (BB-flat)

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