ErgoBrass Instrument Support System for Horn

The general idea of ERGObrass supports is based on a simple fact that all brass instruments are heavy to hold. We all know that relaxation is very important in brass playing. However, holding the instrument in playing position inevitably produces a static tension in hands, arms, shoulders, upper body and throat.

Most players can play with this tension, of course - but the tension is always there disturbing the performance.

By using an ERGObrass support every brass player can stay totally relaxed while playing. And in addition to the better efficiency, it is also very comfortable!

Euphonium performer and teacher, Pat Stuckemeyer on the Ergo Brass system: "I have been using the Ergo Brass system in my own playing for about 3 months now. All of my previous problems with muscle fatigue and tension while holding the instrument have been eliminated. When I sit down to make music during a rehearsal, teaching session, or a recording session - I know that I can fully concentrate on making music. All of my students are now using the Ergo Brass system - I am fully supportive of this product!"

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