Bloodaxe Lament for Tuba and Brass Band

From the composer, Torstein Aagaard Nilsen, "When Eirik Gjerdevik commissioned a work for solo tuba and brass band,I gave the project the working title "Eirik the Viking". I had problems, however, writing a piece for tuba and brass band with that title, and made a detour via an unaccompanied solo I called "Eirik the Viking". While I was working on that solo, a frenetic piece that describes the ruthless and violent viking, the idea for Bloodaxe Lament was conceived.

After Eirik the Viking was finished, I immediately started working on Bloodaxe Lament. I wanted that solo to show a wider range of sentiments. Eirik Bloodaxe is described as a blood thirsty viking who eventually became a powerful king seated in York, England. What were his anguishes in life? Thoughts like "this could be my last battle", "I am going to die on day" must have crossed his mind. The recitative parts give the soloist opportunities to form a character. The composition also has some dramaturgic effects. The soloist starts playing backstage, walks slowly on stage, plays his solo and finally leave the stages.

Commissioned by Eirik Gjerdevik with support from the Norwegian Composers´ Fund.

solo parts included: tuba in C, score and parts

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