Ballade for Bass Trombone (or Tenor Trombone)

This edition for trombone and piano has come from the original Ballade for Bass Trombone (or Tenor Trombone), Harp and String Orchestra. Eric Ewazen writes that the piece originated as a piece for Clarinet. At the request of Charles Vernon, the work was adapted for Bass or Tenor Trombone. Ewazen writes, "My Ballade showcased Charlie's wonderful ability to float long, lyric lines and to dazzle the listener with his energetic vitality and golden tone. In an ABABA form, these two polar extremes are highlighted. The piece seems to rise out of a mist...sing,dance and play...and quietly, peacefully disappear again into the mist."

Solo parts included: Solo Bass Trombone, Solo Tenor Trombone

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